The fastest and most cost-efficient film and audio digitization in high quality.

The world’s first system for digitizing film and audio in one swift process - developed by FASTFORWARD in collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and now used by several European broadcast archives!

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FFW WORKFLOW and the people behind it

FASTFORWARD is on a mission to digitize the world’s film archives in an easy, fast and affordable way. Our vision is to enable organizations with film archives utilize own resources and create new access and value for society at large!

FASTFORWARD was established as a consultancy and film digitization service provider which helped the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) reinvent their film digitization workflow and digitization project.

In 2015 Tobias Golodnoff, former head of Digitization at DR, and his wingman Ivan Dehn, former head of Innovation technology at DR, joined FASTFORWARD after having successfully managed one of the world’s largest broadcast archive digitization projects. At DR they and their teams secured and digitized and created access to more than 420.000 hours of AV content, finishing with a staggering 8.500 hours of 16mm film.

The digitized project was funded by the government and aimed at creating more and better access to our national cultural heritage. To ensure this Tobias and his team developed the guiding principle of: USE=VALUE and created access to almost the entire collection through a series of products like “Bonanza – the best and the some of the worst from DR’s archives” (Winner of the FIAT/IFTA innovation award 2009), and national collaborations with both the largest National Cultural Institutions ( and the university sector ( which now gives the research environment access to more than 2 million hours of AV content online. Results that lead to Tobias Golodnoff being co-opted in FIAT/IFTA’s executive counsel in 2010 and elected as a member and General Secretary in 2012, a position he held until he joined FASTFORWARD as CEO in 2015.

Tobias, Ivan and the FASTFORWARD team are now working tiredly on helping others have successful film digitization projects. We continously establish new collaborations and we are proud that we have already helped so many organizations and keep spreading our message: it’s no longer an impossible mission to digitize your film archive. Regardless of collection size, challenges in budget or the state of your film FASTFORWARD can digitize the world’s many collections!



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